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Noble and Satisfi Labs to Offer Conversational Commerce at Live Events

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Noble, a consumer-focused platform for onsite marketing and commerce, announced its partnership with Satisfi Labs, a conversational AI technology to provide shoppers with tailored food and beverage offers at live events. The AI-powered Food & Beverage Assistant allows fans to get more information on food and drinks right within a chat conversation, so they can make more informed decisions and boost revenue for concessions.

Matt Draper, COO, Noble, said, “At Noble, we are always looking for ways to increase ease-of-use for guests and find more channels to drive the more profitable digital orders we see on the platform. Working with Satisfi Labs and launching their AI-powered Food & Beverage Assistant, we now offer our users a more natural way to place these orders to meet their specific needs and increase their overall experience and satisfaction.”

With Noble’s cashless, omnichannel online ordering platform, live events like concerts, festivals, stadiums, and theatres can be conducted in a cashless, contact-free environment. Now that Satisfi Labs has partnered with Noble, guests can access food, drinks, and merchandise via text, web, and QR code on the Noble platform.

Don White, the CEO of Satisfi Labs, said, “As the live event industry evolves, we are excited to partner with Noble to provide our customers with seamless concessions ordering capabilities. Guests of live events are interested in accessing information at their fingertips and across multiple channels. By working with Noble, our venue customers are now able to not only provide their guests with automated answers on their food and beverage choices but drive transactions through a chat conversation. Our joint offering improves the fan experience and provides venue operators a new data source to learn about their guest’s concessions buying behaviors and tailor their offerings for the future.”

Participants of live events can ask the virtual assistant questions about food and drink at the event. From asking questions about concessions offered at the venue to asking about prices and waiting times, the virtual assistant can provide reliable answers. The integration of the platforms allows guests not only to ask questions but also to make purchases. Due to the cashless system, the co-product will increase revenues for operators by driving more digital orders, increasing transaction sizes, and making order fulfillment simpler. These events will be handled by a technology that focuses on mobile ordering for live events.

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