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Noogata Releases AI Location Analytics Library For Bricks & Mortar Insights

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A leading no-code artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics leader, Noogata recently launched its location analytics library. Following the success of its existing eCommerce library, Noogata’s location analytics library extends the power of its no-code AI data analytics platform to physical locations for consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) brands.

Assaf Egozi, CEO and co-founder, Noogata, said, “Enterprise location analytics efforts have been notoriously underwhelming to date, often resulting in anecdotes and typically failing to drive business impact at scale. With our location analytics library, we help companies take the next step to harness data that is extremely difficult to tap into in a focused way and deliver rapid business impact. This impact goes beyond supporting bricks-and-mortar sales and marketing. It also boosts eCommerce sales and marketing efforts with omnichannel insights. And further, it has been shown that a critical success factor for smaller brands driving eCommerce sales is the targeted optimization of their bricks and mortar footprint.”

This enables sales and marketing leaders to use AI to gain actionable insights, such as generating and scoring leads for new sales possibilities, by recognizing the locations relevant to their business. Yet, sales and marketing teams have continued to struggle to empower location data with all relevant information from hundreds of external data sources, such as demographics, economic trends, and sales trends, as well as to apply the advanced analytics techniques required to gain true insights. Noogata’s location analytics library automates the entire process and generates a unique “location fingerprint” for each location based on thousands of different features.

The library enables organizations to define locations – from brick-and-mortar stores to agricultural fields – with attributes that relate to a specific business question. These insights can be used by field sales managers to identify new potential locations that are similar to those that are currently successful and target their field sales efforts there. CMOs and their teams can use insights from brick-and-mortar sales to optimize targeted marketing efforts online.



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