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Notable Unveils a Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Workflow Solution

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Notable, a leader in intelligent automation for healthcare, announced new capabilities for comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM). Notable offers the only platform for end-to-end RCM workflow automation, which can deploy any automated revenue cycle flow in less than four weeks to help reduce denials, minimize write-offs, and optimize staffing ratios.

Notable’s intelligent automation platform is the only one that integrates robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), patient engagement, and no-code configurability to automate any front-end, mid-cycle, or back-end RCM workflow. As these digital assistants handle manual workflows throughout the revenue cycle, call-center representatives, coders, and billing personnel are free to handle more complex work.

According to Muthu Alagappan, chief medical officer at Notable, “In addition to automating discrete back-end RCM workflows, Notable also works to minimize downstream denials by automating front-end and mid-cycle workflows like eligibility verification and documentation — transforming disjointed revenue cycle management into comprehensive revenue cycle automation. Unifying artificial intelligence and patient engagement uniquely enables health systems to automate more complex workflows, such as collecting insurance card images from patients before their visit and using sophisticated computer vision and classification algorithms to extract the right payer and plan, or automatically engaging patients to collect information required to resolve denials.”

With artificial intelligence, Notable’s digital assistants reduce downstream rejections while automating those that still occur. Because the Notable platform is configurable, customizations are possible for any workflow through the revenue cycle, including insurance collection, charge capture, claim status, and more. Here are a few other examples:

• Authorizations in the front-end:
Notable’s digital assistants handle all authorization requests, either through payer portals or electronic faxes. The digital assistants can also be used to reschedule appointments or get patient documentation from them digitally.

• A mid-cycle stage of coding:
Using optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing, Notable’s digital assistant’s scan provider charts and ensure that the correct CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, and modifiers are captured. The automation improves coder efficiency and reduces downstream denials.

• The back-end management of denials:
Using AI, Notable’s digital assistants analyze each denial within 24 hours, performing different automated tasks based on the reason for denial, such as soliciting additional information from the patient.

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