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ObvioHealth Partners with Hyfe to Incorporate AI Technology and Expand Data Tools

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ObvioHealth announced their recent partnership with an AI-driven company that has a tool to detect and track acoustic signature, Hyfe AI. Being a global Virtual Research Organization (VRO), ObvioHealth wants to incorporate Hyfe’s technology within their decentralized clinical trials platform and smartphone app to capture and analyze coughing events.

This partnership is mainly focused on integrating AI technology for tracking and analyzing coughs and accelerate data tools. The technology will take all the data in real-time and transmit the data to a dashboard, which will help clinical researchers to analyze coughing frequency, severity, and type.

The co-founder of Hyfe, Iulian Circo, claimed that the ability for someone to recall how many times he/she coughed in a single day is difficult, resulting in patient-reported outcomes that are riddled with inaccuracies. He continued, “Our coughing diagnostic tool reveals patterns and correlations, giving clinical researchers an unprecedented level of fidelity.”

ObvioHealth reportedly has a survey on babies’ cries with the help of audio capture features into their apps to gather all the recordings and then use them in training algorithms to measure the time and frequency.

ObvioHealth’s CEO, Ivan Jarry, stated that these digital instruments are improving the way data is collected and analyzed for clinical research. Not only do these tools reduce the burden on study participants and deliver more accurate data, but they also open the door to new and deeper ways to analyze unstructured data that will deliver novel outcomes going forward. He further elaborated, “That is why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Hyfe and are already seeing the fruits of collaboration.”

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