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Octopai Supports Amazon Redshift to Strengthens BI & Analytical Teams

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Octopai, a leader in automated data lineage, data catalogs, and data discovery, announced its ability and support to analyze Amazon Redshift data, one of the most widely used and fastest cloud data warehouses. Amazon Redshift’s new coverage will enable enterprises to migrate to the cloud seamlessly and manage their business intelligence (BI) landscapes on one platform.

Gal Ziton, Co-Founder and Head of Product of Octopai, said, “Migrating data from legacy systems to Amazon Redshift can traditionally take several years to complete, but Octopai’s support of Redshift cuts the process down to a few weeks, enabling companies to migrate much more easily and more confidently. We’re constantly working to support more BI systems in order to provide maximum coverage and seamless transparency of different technologies so that our customers can get the whole story behind their data.”

For many enterprises, moving to cloud computing has become inevitable; however, managing cloud processes is a major challenge, especially in hybrid environments that still use on-premises systems. Through Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform, BI groups are able to tackle these challenges head-on by integrating all data and metadata from multiple systems into a single platform that offers end-to-end, multilayered data lineage and discovery capabilities.

Octopai offers time and resource savings during migration from on-prem/legacy systems to Amazon Redshift. Octopai can also map objects before migration so enterprises can decide what needs to be moved to the cloud and what doesn’t. This reduces the time and cost of migration.

Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform helps enterprises use Amazon Redshift (which operates on a pay-per-hour model), from the migration phase all the way through day-to-day use. Octopai reduces the number of exploration queries over the Amazon Redshift platform because it understands what and how tables, columns, etc. are being used, which directly reduces expenses.

Octopai offers a unique analysis and support of Amazon Redshift because it offers:

  • Full visualization with detailed coverage as a part of the entire BI ecosystem.
  • The data flow lineage of Octopai’s data is aligned to the detailed Amazon Redshift metadata repository, including objects defined in any Amazon Redshift database.
  • From legacy systems to report analysis, a lineage from legacy systems to Amazon Redshift, and all other layers of the BI ecosystem.

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