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ON24 to Launch the Next Generation of Engagement For Customers

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ON24, a webinar software, and virtual event platform announced a customer event for companies to learn about the latest technologies, ON24 Platform innovations, and product roadmap for advancing digital engagement.

With ON24 Webcast Elite, a new video-centric virtual event product, as well as more innovative ways to turn engagement into first-person insights, the ON24 Experience: Innovation in the Age of Engagement will showcase the next generation of engagement.

Jayesh Sahasi, executive vice president of products and CTO at ON24, said, “Digital engagement is now at the center of every customer experience and transforming how organizations drive measurable revenue and growth. We are delivering innovations for companies of all sizes to make each audience experience as engaging as the last and capture the insights sales and marketing teams need to move buyers forward.”

Hundreds of marketing executives from across a wide range of industries are expected to attend the product launch and roadmap event. The event will give attendees an inside look at how ON24 is maximizing audience engagement in the digital era, including:

  • Engagement During Webinars – ON24 Webcast Elite’s new features and capabilities enable sales and marketing to create more engagement opportunities throughout any webinar regardless of the format, including hybrid events, and bring audiences and presenters closer together.
  • A new, enhanced digital experience – ON24’s expanded platform offers customers more choices and flexibility for delivering the interactive experiences audiences demand, including our video-centric virtual event solution and ON24 Engagement Hub, which can be used live or on-demand.
  • Data-driven insights – Organizations can leverage an advanced AI engine and sophisticated analytics to mobilize engagement across all ON24 experiences to drive personalized insights and uncover real-time buying intent for every prospect and customer. ON24 Connect enables sales and marketing teams to integrate and utilize these first-person insights with third-party applications.

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