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Onspring Introduces Latest Version of its Process Automation Software

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Onspring, a no-code process automation software platform, has released its latest update, which includes improvements to reporting, integrations, workflows, dashboards, and more. Onspring’s latest software version includes on-page responsive filtering, Jira connection, scheduled dashboard exports, and batch downloads, all of which improve client productivity and visibility.

Matt Pugh, Executive Vice President–Product for Onspring, said, “We’re very excited about this release, including one of many bi-directional data connections to come. The Onspring team prides itself on using customer feedback to provide meaningful updates to the overall customer experience, and this new version is no different.”

Onspring’s most recent version contains the company’s first bi-directional connectivity with Jira. Customers can now not only import Jira data into Onspring to track project progress, but they can also integrate Onspring data into Jira thanks to new, real-time syncing features. Customers will be able to have total visibility around across two platforms without having to construct an integration themselves, due to this new feature.

The following are some of the highlights of the v22 platform release:

• Live, On-the-Fly Report Filtering: The new live filter allows end-users to refine report results in real-time, eliminating the necessity for admins to pre-filter every report choice.

• Bi-directional Jira Integration: This built-in data connection enables data from Jira to be shared and synced in real-time with Onspring.

• List Value Creation from Imports/Connectors: During the import process, data connectors can now immediately add list values discovered in list field columns, making integrations easier and simpler.

• Scheduled Dashboard Exports: Users can schedule and deliver full dashboard PDF exports to give business users a complete picture of data insights.

• Content Record Batch Attachment Downloads: With this new function, a single click creates an a.zip file including all attachments as well as information about cloud file links.

• Email Integration Custom Match Fields: Based on data values, emails sent to the integration email address can now be paired with previous data.

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