A global leader in standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, ONVIF®, has recently announced the launch of Profile M, which will standardize metadata and events for analytics applications. This new profile will focus on the dynamic video analytics market and further expand the pathways for the use of metadata and event handling into other systems including access control, cloud services, and IoT platforms.

Profile M will provide a standard way of communicating metadata and events between analytics-capable services and devices such as IP cameras and clients like video management software or server- or cloud-based services

Sriram Bhetanabottla, Chair of the Profile M Working Group, said, “ONVIF recognizes that the need for interoperability has evolved beyond the traditional relationship between a hardware device and software client from different vendors. The flexibility to include cloud- and server-based services as ‘conformant devices’ makes Profile M interesting also for independent developers of software-based analytics solutions. It will help drive the growth in the number and types of security, safety, and operational efficiency applications available to end-users.”

Some of the key features of Profile M:

  •  Profile M can allow system integrators and end-users to merge solutions from providers of edge devices or services that can deliver metadata events with video management software and IoT applications in one system.
  • Profile M supports event handling interfaces for object counting, and face and license plate recognition analytics. It also supports JSON-formatted events over MQTT, a protocol for IoT applications.
  •  Profile M can be combined with other ONVIF videos and enables control profiles for an integrated system based on ONVIF interfaces.