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OpenSpace Unveils OpenSpace Basic – a Free 360° Video Capture Tool

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A world’s leading 360° photo documentation and analytics tools vendor, OpenSpace, has launched OpenSpace Basic for qualified builders in the United States. A 360° video capture solution for construction, OpenSpace Basic is the first completely free 360° video solution in the industry. With the new product, builders can create a complete, interactive digital replica of the job site using the company’s automated documentation platform. This allows teams to work together more in the field, helps with remote site management, and avoids costly rework.

“Over the past year, we’ve heard from builders that they wanted to have more access to the automated convenience of our standard video site capture product, which inspired us to create OpenSpace Basic,” said Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO and co-founder of OpenSpace.

An OpenSpace Basic user attaches a small 360° camera to their hardhat, indicates their location on the floor plan in the OpenSpace app, walks the site as usual, and uploads the capture. Through OpenSpace’s computer vision technology, images are stitched together and pinned to the correct spot on the floor model, creating a reliable, reliable source of truth. The OpenSpace Basic service allows builders to take weekly 360° photos of their site’s progress.

Through OpenSpace Basic, builders can efficiently coordinate their activities with stakeholders, update progress, and process payments. Building companies of all sizes can now benefit from the latest technologies through OpenSpace Basic. OpenSpace Project and OpenSpace Enterprise are both simple to use for those who wish to adopt the technology on a larger scale.

Users of OpenSpace Basic will also benefit from unlimited Field Notes, which allow builders to snap a picture of punch list items or RFIs, add relevant notes, and then automatically attach the information to the appropriate spot in the digital replica of the floor plan.

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