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OpenTeQ Team Up with Microsoft & Oracle for Digital Transformation

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In a move to accelerate digital transformation, OpenTeQ, a global provider of digital solutions and IT services, has partnered with Microsoft and Oracle. As a result of this partnership, OpenTeQ can offer enterprise clients a customized, highly optimized, best-of-both-clouds experience.

Through OpenTeQ, organizations can now deploy and integrate multi-application cloud solutions, manage multi-layered cloud data, analyze cross-cloud data and migrate operations to the cloud in order to maximize output while maximizing agility, scalability, and efficiency.

Narendra Anumolu, Director, OpenTeQ Technologies, said, “In a world where remote working has become a fundamental necessity, we have partnered up with Microsoft & Oracle to take our digital transformation goals ahead with swiftness. This alliance provides us flexibility and ongoing support to continue leveraging our standard architectures and allowing us to focus on generating business outcomes that maximize returns. OpenTeQ has always been the partner of choice for businesses to level up their IT game. With Microsoft’s professional expert cloud services on our side, we are confident that we will continue to deliver innovative and compliant solutions, enabling our clients to draw deep insights and predictive analysis in real-time to uncover new business opportunities, increase operational efficiencies, empower employees and offer a better experience to our customers.”

Through this collaboration, OpenTeQ aims to streamline IT to meet its clients’ evolving technological requirements. OpenTeQ, which has been in business for over a decade, offers a full range of technology services and solutions, including development and integration, business process support, engineering services, quality assurance & testing, and data & analytics.

Furthermore, OpenTeQ announced that they plan to expand their operations to Canada in the coming months, which will allow them to pursue new digital transformation opportunities. OpenTeQ delivers application development and integration services, engineering services, quality assurance and testing, and IT operations on the cloud.

Product lifecycle management with OpenTeQ begins with prototyping and includes development, testing, training, maintenance, and support. In order to create a digital roadmap, the solutions support operational scalability, agility, and scalability.

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