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OPPO Launches the First 6G Artificial Intelligence Competition

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OPPO, global leading smart device manufacturers and innovators, has announced the launch of the first 6G AI Competition on DataFountain (a leading platform for big data & AI competitions).

Future wireless communication systems will need to integrate wireless communication with artificial intelligence (AI). Both academia and industry are currently researching AI solutions for specific modularization problems associated with 5G wireless communication systems, with favorable results. Furthermore, with the evolution from 5G to 6G, researchers are once again able to explore, define and build a new generation of wireless communications systems. The goal of this process is to relax many constraints in the current system while expanding the direction and depth of 6G and AI integration.

Due to these factors, OPPO initiated the “6G AI Competition,” which aims to combine the strengths of all parties and promote a competition to study systematically and comprehensively the impacts of AI on the future wireless communication system and develop solutions for key issues. The competition will introduce some of the problems AI-based solutions have to deal with in the first stage of design and will promote substantial technological breakthroughs and the industrial landing of 6G across the board.

No matter their age or nationality, everyone is welcome to participate in the competition. Registration for the competition is open to colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, maker teams, individuals, etc. You can register on the competition’s official website.

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