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Orbital Insight Introduce Supply Chain Intelligence Solution

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Orbital Insight, an industry leader in geospatial analytics, recently released its global supply chain intelligence platform using artificial intelligence (AI), multi-source data, and location analytics at scale to uncover hidden risks, monitor upstream and downstream activities, and uncover movements across global facilities. The company’s GO platform allows companies to better detect connections over time between specific areas, including supply chains, global migration patterns, commutes, tourism activities, and anything else that involves people or goods moving.

Kevin O’Brien, Orbital Insight’s CEO, said, “Enterprises and government agencies make big decisions without a clear picture of what’s happening in both their own operations as well as external networks of business and societal connections, Our new Supply Chain Intelligence solution is a shining example of how to quickly make sense of connection points and provide critical visibility while respecting people’s privacy. Predicting change sooner helps our customers make smarter investments, avoid costly surprises and find new opportunities.”

Supply Chain Intelligence has already been used by global Fortune 500 companies like Unilever to uncover previously unknown points in their supply chain, analyze their footprints in raw materials like palm oil and soy and ensure they are buying from sustainable suppliers. Having visibility into the indirect supply chain -particularly the first mile – can be challenging, but with Orbital Insight’s new Traceability feature, companies will have access to industry supply chain transparency that enhances sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance efforts. In addition to enhancing existing GO capabilities, Supply Chain Intelligence adds new dimensions, such as the monitoring of manufacturing downtime or disruptions and measuring foot traffic as employees return to offices.

Supply Chain Intelligence will also benefit government agencies. A recent analysis by Orbital Insight’s public sector team of Russian military activity in southeastern Ukraine using the new GO Traceability enhancement corroborated where troop movement originated. Orbital Insight detected signals indicating offensive training exercises were being conducted in Crimea with the help of open-source intelligence company AllSource Analysis.

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