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OspreyData Unveils Mobile Product to Increase the Power Of Its Vision Platform

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OspreyData, a market leader in AI Production Optimization solutions for Oil & Gas producers, announced the availability of the OspreyData Vision platform on all mobile devices. The full Desktop capabilities of OspreyData Vision can now be accessed via any smartphone or tablet. OspreyData provides all users with access to the “Virtual Control Center” – Production Engineers, Artificial Lift Technicians, and Lease Operators could really obtain important operating information and alleviate evolving issues from virtually anywhere.

CTO John Renfroe, commented, “Mobile enablement is a crucial extension of OspreyData Vision that allows our users to monitor the entire field and take action on alerts from any location. This tool truly connects Engineers & Lease Operators and fosters collaboration, mitigation, and control. We will continue to innovate solutions within our Mobile offering as it drives the Digital Oilfield forward.”

Mobile provides significant benefits that increase the value of the OspreyData Vision experience. It lowers Opex while increasing safety by supplying OspreyData’s Machine Learning (ML) formed alerts to Production teams in real-time, allowing Manage by Exception practices that reduce windshield time and inefficient travel. Teams can access all operational data inside the Vision Unified Monitoring platform, even while taking advantage of OspreyData Flight’s AI-assisted alerts to actively watch the performance from any device and location and stay more connected to the field.

OspreyData’s powerful Machine Learning identifies ESP and Rod Pump problems sooner on and enhances gas lift and pistons lift while ingesting oil well and artificial lift data. All wells, lift types, and lift manufacturers have SCADA data feeds. Oilfield managers, operators, engineers, and lift specialists can now use OspreyData Vision and Flight to access the full power of the cloud from their phones.

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