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Over 1 Million YouTube Channels Included to IZEA’s Influencer Discovery Platform

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IZEA Worldwide, Inc. revealed that it has increased the capabilities of influencer marketing toolkits included in IZEAx Unity Suite and IZEAx® Discovery. Marketers now have access to more than 15 million social media influencer profiles, up from 10 million in 2021. Support for more than 1 million YouTube channels has been added to IZEA’s search feature, which is augmented with IZEA’s unique BrandGraph artificial intelligence engine.

Marketers can use IZEAx to analyze social profiles for potential influencers for brand collaborations. It enables firms to examine analytics on content engagement and performance, as well as compare and contrast producers. Profiles and material from blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are all supported on the platform.

“A key step in any influencer marketing campaign is identifying the best collaborators for your program,” said Ted Murphy, Founder, and CEO of IZEA. “This update provides a substantial increase to the universe of influencers we can surface for brands, which in turn helps to create greater opportunities for creators to connect with them and earn. We are delighted to help more creators get discovered and find the right brand for their audience.”

With keywords, mentions, hashtags, companies, and themes, users can compare follower counts and content performance, as well as see audience engagement analytics. Unity Profiles, audience data, and robust analytics are among the most recent enhancements. The price has been increased to $169 from $149 for new users of the toolkit.

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