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OxAI Brings in AI Automation Capabilities to Next-gen Blockchain Tokenomics

OxAI Brings in AI Automation Capabilities to Next-gen Blockchain Tokenomics
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OxAI is an Internet (Web3) Protocol for decentralized AI computation. OxAI, through its integration into any field that has consistently shown to be advantageous, holds revolutionary potential. Statistics show that this invention has the potential to boost the global GDP by an astounding $13 trillion by 2030 and create approximately 133 million new employments across a variety of industries. The fields of healthcare, communications, finance, insurance, and telecommunications have all benefited greatly from AI. Innovative blockchain technology and AI have been combined by a new company that has entered the cryptocurrency market.

About OxAI

The cryptocurrency industry has recently welcomed OxAI. But this is not your typical business. The company uses AI’s wide range of advantages and revolutionary power to open up opportunities for regular people. The goal of OxAI is to make AI computation accessible to everyone on the planet. It is an exceptional platform that provides AI solutions to its consumers without impairing the fundamental qualities of efficiency, transparency, and anonymity. By reducing the requirement for full-time employee hiring, OxAI transforms how firms operate globally. Business owners can expand their services to the broader public by using AI alone. OxAI offers unmatched services at extremely affordable rates, and before any money is exchanged, the quality of the work is guaranteed.

Tokenomics and AI Automation

The OXAI and eOXAI tokens are available under the OxAI protocol. Voting privileges in the OxAI DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) are granted to individuals staking OXAI tokens. These community members have a say in important political choices. Staked tokens called eOXAI or escrowed OXAI are locked for a year. OXAI levels are accessible to eOXAI token holders. Each tier comes with a tonne of advantages.

AI Ranks

The company chooses a distinctive approach to business. Different rankings or tiers are provided to users who possess the eOXAI token. Each tier has a distinguished bot to go with it. The excitement level of the bot increases with tier. Additionally, the amount of times a person can use AI-mediated services is strongly correlated with user ranks. The Cosmic Bull, which utilizes Defi Alpha AI and fulfills 300 demands each month, is the highest tier.

Relay on Blockchain AI

The OxAI relay is a platform that allows AI operators to monetize their knowledge. Performance fees are paid to AI operators whose solutions are more frequently used among community members.

Bots OxAI

The company’s CyberStream AI Connection enables AI to organize computational tasks based on current market trends, data, and professional analysis. For instance, a fantastic AI bot called AI Unleashed uses the most recent online data to carry out computations. Another brilliant bot that evaluates current market transactions and provides the right response is Trader AI.

Operator Network

By registering their solutions on the operator network, anyone can have the exciting possibility to start their own AI operation. The selection of any AI application by the operators is completely up to them. If the public accepts these operators’ services broadly, they could make a sizable income.

Reputation management

The company offers a method whereby members may either dismiss or promote an operator to a superior position by using likes and dislikes. After utilizing a specific operator, users can upload their signatures, which are then stored on a blockchain system. The signatures are used to express favorites or disapproval. Operators with a spike in dislikes will be delisted, while those with the most likes at the end of the month will gain further perks.

OxAI is a cutting-edge company that not only improves computation efficiency but also supports people in making wiser judgments.

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