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Paige and Mindpeak Collaborates to Increase Breast Cancer Patients’ Access to AI Software

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Paige, a global leader in AI-based pathology diagnostic software, and Mindpeak, an AI-based image analysis software for pathologists, recently announced a distribution partnership that will allow pathologists to use Mindpeak’s BreastIHC* within the Paige Platform. BreastIHC is artificial intelligence (AI) software developed by Mindpeak that reliably detects, classifies, and quantifies breast cancer cells. By providing real-time results for routine breast cancer immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarkers, this partnership expands the Paige Platform’s utility.

Andy Moye, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at Paige, said, “By combining MindPeak’s products for IHC with Paige’s AI products for H&E, our partnership will allow pathologists to drive efficient routine clinical cancer diagnostics in breast cancer. We are excited to offer Mindpeak’s industry-leading BreastIHC directly within the Paige Platform to improve patient care. We believe integrating our products will drive the adoption of digital pathology technologies more broadly.”

The detection and quantification of IHC markers is a crucial step in breast cancer treatment planning. Without the need for complex setup and calibration procedures, Mindpeak’s BreastIHC is the first-ever plug-and-play AI solution for reliable HER2, Ki-67, oestrogen (ER), and progesterone receptor (PR) quantification. On a single-cell basis, the product aids in the differentiation of tumorous and non-tumorous structures, increasing the specificity of the scoring.

Felix Faber, CEO at Mindpeak, said, “This partnership brings us a big step closer to our shared goal of making a pathological diagnosis of breast cancer quicker, more accurate, and more reproducible. I am extremely excited that we will combine our respective strengths in analyzing H&E and IHC-stained tissue samples to make this vision of utilizing AI within pathology a reality.”

Paige Platform is a comprehensive digital pathology software platform that includes viewer and storage capabilities and is compatible with most scanners, monitors, and laboratory information systems (LIS).


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