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Panoply and Square Partner up to Simplify Business Intelligence For Square Users

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SQream announced the partnership of Panoply, its no-code data platform that makes it easy to store, sync, and access business data, and Square, a global leader in commerce solutions. Square sellers are able to generate robust reporting and analytics with Panoply’s new pre-built dashboards, using data recipes.

Ami Gal, CEO of SQream, said, “Data Recipe Dashboards were built based on recommendations from users who requested quick access to common business queries through the Panoply workbench. The array of Square dashboards were designed with our joint customers to provide Square sellers a one-stop-shop for their data needs. Any retailer using Square locally or globally can now rely on a single solution for all their data analytics needs.”

Business users unfamiliar with SQL can use the ready-made dashboards to show business reports, while technical users can use them for providing business reports. Both parties will now have access to meaningful data insights in a timely manner. Panoply has users covered every step of the way, from ingesting data into a managed data warehouse to querying your data with pre-built data recipes to displaying that data in business-ready dashboards.

With Panoply, Square sellers will be able to integrate multiple data sources and access insights they would not have been able to access before. The use of simple ELT connectors allows users to gather multiple sources of data from their business, such as advertising platforms or CRMs, in order to derive a more holistic view. They can also generate detailed reports for multiple locations or stores, break down sales by time of day or region, or analyze by product or industry.

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