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PathAI Acquires Poplar Healthcare Management to Enter the Clinical Diagnostics

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Poplar Healthcare Management, a recognized leader in independent anatomic pathology lab services, has been acquired by PathAI, a global company offering artificial intelligence-powered pathology solutions.
Jim Sweeney, CEO of Poplar, noted, “We looked for a partner that values our reputation for accuracy and reliability, appreciates the dedication and skill of our employees, and shares our passion to help clinicians continuously improve pathology services for patients. Most importantly, we looked for a partner interested in transforming pathology, leveraging technology and AI to enhance pathologists’ work and better equip them to serve patients and clinicians. We found the ideal partner in PathAI.”

Poplar Healthcare, based in Memphis, offers physicians nationwide diagnostic testing services including GI Pathology, D-PATH Dermatology, OncoMetrix, Bostwick Laboratories, and Women’s Health Laboratories. With PathAI’s imaging analysis capability and algorithm development capabilities, Poplar and PathAI will be able to develop new clinical applications through the digitization of its laboratory workflow.

Andy Beck MD, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of PathAI, explained, “Our mission at PathAI is to improve patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology and the investment in Poplar allows us to advance that mission by enhancing our ability to provide pathologists with PathAI diagnostic products to support patient care. Poplar is a top-tier lab with a dedicated team known for its accuracy of diagnosis and turnaround time. PathAI’s investments in digital pathology and artificial intelligence will further enhance Poplar’s value proposition to providers across the United States.”

PathAI’s partnership with Poplar Healthcare extends its already powerful set of artificial intelligence-powered pathology tools to a wide range of traditional laboratory services. By combining both companies’ complementary expertise, PathAI will be able to create and deliver AI-driven products that will be unique and useful for the development of drugs and patient care.

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