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Pathr.ai Deliver Spatial Intelligence Solutions to Users by Combining with Hanwha Techwin America

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered spatial intelligence platform Pathr.ai now jointly delivers spatial intelligence solutions to their clients by combining with global video surveillance solution supplier Hanwha Techwin America. Pathr.ai will now be able to work with Hanwha on new and cross-sell opportunities, such as enabling camera installations for Pathr.ai use cases.

Alan Flohr, Chief Revenue Officer of Pathr.ai, stated, “Working with Hanwha is a great step towards scaling our spatial intelligence solution to new and existing customers and delivering strong ROI to them. “Companies can use their existing non-PTZ Hanwha security cameras, such as the Hanwha Wisenet P series, X series, L series, and Q series, to collect meaningful and real-time insights into how people move and interact inside their physical spaces and tie those analytics to business decisions that improve profitability.”

Organizations will be able to gain behavioral insights by integrating the AI-powered spatial intelligence technology of Pathr.ai with existing camera infrastructure and enabling them to enhance their productivity. Pathr.ai’s AI capabilities can be operated on Hanwha cameras with Wisenet AI operating onboard the cameras as the detector, allowing for enhanced compute savings. Pathr.ai will be able to reduce the cost of customer ownership through this integration enabling them to make available its services in various regions.

Zoë Cayetano, Head of Product at Pathr.ai, stated, “The existing compute built into cameras and NVRs is underutilized in the market. We want to change that and make sure we’re making the best use of the compute available across the entire stack of hardware systems from the cameras to the NVRs, to the server. We’re excited about this collaboration to use the compute on-board the Hanwha cameras with Wisenet AI to lower our compute needed to run our AI at the edge and thus reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers. Working together, we’ll be able to scale our spatial intelligence solution to millions of locations and provide financial benefits for our customers.”

By making use of Pathr.ai, hundreds of millions of dollars can be made as an additional profit by increasing operational efficiency by analyzing traffic patterns. The automated actions can be made by delivering instant alerts. Also helps in revenue generation, avoiding loss, and enhancing operations.

“We are excited about our integration with Pathr.ai and continuously look for new ways that our current installed base can gain more value from their existing Hanwha cameras, which are traditionally only used for Loss Prevention. It’s great to see how Pathr.ai can just bolt onto Hanwha cameras and introduce operational and merchandising value with leading spatial intelligence software. What’s more, for our channel partners, this collaboration introduces a great business opportunity that will drive incremental revenue—introducing a new recurring revenue stream along with additional camera purchases for their existing installed base and the ability to offer an end-to-end solution to new customers,” stated Mark Heintzman, National Business Development Manager, Hanwha Techwin.

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