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PegaWorld iNspire 2021 – Helping Crush Complexity in Business Processes

PegaWorld iNspire 2021

Business process and CRM solution provider PegaSystems recently concluded its ’PegaWorld iNspire 2021’ virtual event. The event’s theme was ‘helping crush complexity in the business processes.’ The event was attended by Sofia Ali (Research Analyst), Amandeep Khanuja (Research Analyst), and Manish Chand Thakur (Research Analyst) on behalf of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions (QKS).

The event was kicked off by Pega CEO and Founder Alan Trefler, who talked about a strong low code platform for the future which will encourage digital transformation by distributed workforce and technologies built around microservices. He said that digitalization would encourage low code citizen developers to continue the development of enterprise application with this platform. He emphasized that distributed advanced technologies will lead to increased business complexities with surging demand of client expectation and expansion of communication channels amongst various other complexities. However, he added that the business complexities could be crushed through providing advanced technological offerings like AI-augmented intelligence, process orchestration, case management, Pega process fabric, and a model-driven low code platform, amongst others. This session was followed by a live Q&A session with Trefler himself and PegaSystems CTO Don Schuerman, who provided insightful answers to the attendees’ questions. This session provided the attendees with deep learning about how to build a lasting success strategy by bringing together the three elements: the right way to frame the opportunity, the right architecture to support it, and the right approach for implementing the technology, amongst others.

Up next was Hyden Stafford, President, global client engagement at Pega, who elaborated on understanding the needs of customer consultancy and partnering with clients and its positive impact on sales. Stafford said that Pega ensures its clients see values immediately and in the long term by crushing business complexity and by maximizing its customers’ lifetime value, simplifying their services, and working faster and smarter to achieve success. The session left the attendees with a goal to attract and achieve engaged customers along with an increase in the revenue through transformed technologies by simplifying and streamlining the services. This can be done by opening more channels for interaction, like intelligent chats, self-services, unified messaging, and AI designing- all powered by intelligent automation to deliver exceptional services to the customers’ journey. The intelligent automation system brings together people, processes and systems with bots and AI-powered case management technology, all built on low code platform that lets business users, IT developers, and stakeholders deliver results faster.

Following this, Giles Richardson of Wells Fargo talked about how they derived personalized customer relationships by delivering precisely what the customers needed at the precise moment by using AI-powered applications, which is one of the advanced technologies that Pega delivers. He was followed by Phil Andrew from StepChange Debt Charity, who talked about customer service through simplifying integrations channels. And finally, Erin K. Petty from Pfizer Inc shared her thoughts on how Pfizer boosts their efficiency, reduces cost, and drives revenue using the low code intuitive designing environment, which works faster and gives the ability to scale confidently regardless of channels. The clients presented their individual experiences and key use cases and noted their success by utilizing PegaSystems’ low code application development technology. Pega clients like Ford, HSBC, Vodafone, and GM also elaborated on how they managed to achieve their goals using low code platform applications for their business needs. The meet also focused on partners such as prominent global systems integrators, regional and local domain experts, and other leading ISVs, who were able to achieve exceptional results with the quickest time to value and with limited exposure by utilizing PegaSystems’ products. One such example of which is Adobe and Pega combining to deliver a digital customer engagement experience.

This was followed by a session on ‘Low code approach to Amazing Experience’ by Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer, Pega, and Sabrina Atienza, Senior Manager, Product Management, Pega. The duo emphasized on how ‘Pega Infinity’ provides a low code design platform with AI and Automation capabilities like next best action, case management, NLP, voice analytics and RPA amongst other for customer, employees, and developers to deliver efficient business outcomes. A brand-new upcoming technology, ‘Pega Digital Experience’ promises exciting prospects of the advanced technology, they informed.

Following this session, live demos of the company’s products for customer engagement, customer service, and intelligent automation were provided to enable the attendees to get a deeper understanding of the technology’s offerings by PegaSystems. These demos included insights of applications that offer customer engagement, which enables the collection of data and to predict and understand customer journey stages by using the next best action microservice technology. A demo on a customer service application that enables customers to choose channels of their choices integrated with intelligent automation was also presented. After that, a brief insight about the all-new ‘Pega Process Fabric’ was introduced by highlighting its feature that empowers with a single user interface platform for all the applications on one platform. Later, Don Schuerman- CTO and Vice President, Product Strategy & Marketing at Pega, offered a clear vision of product roadmaps for this financial year. During this most-awaited session, Schuerman offered a future insight into the 5 top tech trends that he thought will shape the future of the low code market. These trends are- distributed cloud offerings, AI governance, extended edge, extended reality, and hyper automation that combines AI, RPA, DPA, data mining, and ML into one platform. He said that the last trend seems to be the future of digital automation and elaborated on how leading enterprises are utilizing these trends to prepare for tomorrow. The event was concluded by celebrating the excellence in digital automation – an engaging live chat session which gave us a chance to post our questions to the Pega team regarding how these trends can help the organizations get equipped for the future. The event concluded with a musical concert entitled “Walk off the Earth.”

About the Author

Sofia Ali_Analyst_Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Sofia is a part of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ global technology research team and works in the domain of Data Analytics and AI research.
Sofia is responsible for conducting global strategic market research, SPARK Matrix Analysis, and client consulting assignments. She has worked on strategic research and vendor evaluation projects for low-code development platform, multi-experience development platform, contact center as a service (CCaaS), intelligent automation, and such others. Sofia is also a part of Quadrant’s best practices team in identifying the most promising companies, and is responsible for undertaking consulting assignments – including detailed market mapping, custom market intelligence, analyst briefings, and such others.
Sofia holds an MBA in International Business and B.E from MIT-WPU, Pune, India.