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People.ai Launches PeopleGlass+ For the Enterprise

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A leading revenue operations platform, People.ai has released PeopleGlass+, a powerful upgrade to its product – PeopleGlass. PeopleGlass+ expands on all the core functions of the popular free PeopleGlass app, which is an intuitive and flexible spreadsheet-like app to assist individuals and small teams in updating customer relationship management (CRM) data. PeopleGlass+ also includes important customization and data management capabilities designed to support large enterprise requirements. Customers of People.ai can start using it immediately.

People.ai Founder and CEO Oleg Rogynskyy, said, “PeopleGlass+ is one of the first tools to simultaneously satisfy sales reps and revenue operations teams. Reps get the flexibility and speed to manage their business via the spreadsheet interface they love, while sales operations teams get great data and widespread adoption of CRM, dramatically improving forecast accuracy and not compromising on sales productivity. Going forward, PeopleGlass+ will be an increasingly critical tool in the revenue ops tool chest of large enterprises, freeing up precious time for selling while promoting widespread collaboration and increasing data accuracy for better insights and more efficient operations.”

The People.ai company introduced PeopleGlass earlier this year as a freeware product that tackles this problem. It is possible for reps to access the product via web or Chrome extension in seconds. PeopleGlass+ is a new product that will support large enterprise requirements. Some of the new features include:

  • A flexible data entry system that streamlines the process for companies to enter custom data.
  • Provides administrators with pre-built onboarding templates they can provision and tailor at scale to meet specific executive needs.
  • Audit logging that tracks record changes to enable organizations to adhere to auditing, control, and governance policies of most regulated companies.

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