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Photon Education Announces AI Teaching Tool For Elementary Students

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Photon Education has announced that they are releasing the very first AI Discovery Kit, which will be marketed exclusively in the United States through Eduscape, a renowned K-12 professional learning organization. By designing a cityscape and executing the following exercises, students can develop abilities through practical activities. This solution will help educators to teach artificial intelligence (AI) technology to their students with no familiarity.

The robot may change into a smart cash register, a refrigerator, an autonomous vehicle, a police detective, or a chatbot, among other things. They will be able to investigate the applications of the tested technology in their daily lives by conducting custom-designed experiments. Students can use Photon and the AI Discovery Kit to improve their computer science, arithmetic, creative, and problem-solving skills, as well as their job-search abilities.

The kit is appropriate for students in grades 1 through 5, with two development routes for grades 1-3 and 4-5. Students will be able to design and construct an urban setting as a group using the AI Discovery Kit. The city model can be used as a location to learn about self-driving vehicles, explaining all of the information these vehicles require to get to their destination safely, depending on their grade level.

Advanced students can investigate what occurs when the robot encounters signs other than road signs, such as those on storefronts or on the outside of buildings. To learn about machine text recognition capabilities, OCR technologies, and translation tools, students can test what occurs when signs vary by typeface, font, language, or even handwriting styles.

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