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Pipeliner Releases New Project Management Capabilities To Enhance CRM Productivity

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Pipeliner CRM, a leading sales enablement tool and customer relationship management (CRM) software, released key account management functionality in its latest version, 4.0 Kepler, with new project management capabilities. Pipeliner combines Salesforce Automation with key account management, bringing them both under the guise of project management, creating a single, unified revenue engine for any sized organization.

Nikolaus Kimla, founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM, said, “Just as Kepler placed the sun at the center of our solar system, we place sales right at the heart of commerce. Just as no life on a planet can survive without the sun, no business can survive without sales.”

Kimla further added, “Our previous major version was called Copernicus, and it signified the momentous event of Pipeliner CRM being fully in the cloud. Since its release three years ago, we have made thousands of improvements. It is only logical that with our next significant evolution, project management, we name the version after Kepler, the person who fully cemented Copernicus’s theories.”

Currently, Pipeliner is the only CRM solution available that can support sales in its entirety. Salesforce Automation, for instance, is often geared toward finding and acquiring new business using a “hunter” approach. Key account management is based on the “farmer” approach, which cares for and grows the existing client base. These two approaches must be supported and used in tandem, especially in today’s environment.

CRM approaches have almost exclusively focused on Salesforce Automation while ignoring or relying upon expensive third-party solutions for key account management, even though sales are at the center of every business.

With Pipeliner’s new project management functionality, users can:

  • Build projects and track their goals and achievements
  • Visualize task durations using Gantt charts
  • Connect projects to any opportunity, contact, or account using lookup fields

Organizations can manage both Salesforce Automation and key account management, enabling either hunter or farmer teams to succeed.

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