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Plainsight Brings AI to Google Cloud Marketplace

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The company, which provides proven vision AI solutions, Plainsight has announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, giving customers of Google Cloud easy access to its complete vision AI platform. Plainsight now allows enterprises to manage vision AI model creation and training with the capabilities to handle visual data more efficiently for a wide range of enterprise applications by integrating it into their internal networks.

Carlos Anchia, CEO of Plainsight, said, “Plainsight is excited about the expansion of our partnership with Google Cloud that makes our vision AI platform even more accessible to innovative enterprises. The explosive growth of visual data has increased demand for computer vision, a form of AI that enables computers to “see” the world the way people do, but with unblinking consistency, greater accuracy, and context.”

Anchia continued, “By making vision AI easy to use and fast to deploy through the Google Cloud Marketplace in a secure and private manner, we’re answering the demand from enterprise leaders who are seeking immediate proof of value and industry-leading competitive advantages.”

With its innovation platform of vision-based artificial intelligence (AI) products, Plainsight serves businesses in industry segments as diverse as automotive, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer products, construction, transportation, government, and more. Google Cloud Marketplace deployment into private networks enables enterprises to deploy Plainsight vision AI for seamless collaboration across departments and divisions to:

  • Manage the vision AI lifecycle end-to-end from a single platform
  • Utilize Google Cloud resources to easily access powerful vision AI tools while increasing security, improving privacy, and saving money
  • Integrate images and videos securely and privately into private enterprise networks
  • Utilize collaboration tools to obtain actionable AI insights in real-time
  • Instantly operationalize and scale containerized models
  • Enable the development of AI-powered enterprise applications

Plainsight streamlines vision AI workflows by facilitating the entire pipeline, from visual data ingestion and annotation to continuous model training, deployment, and monitoring to improve innovation and reduce time-to-market. Plain sight’s platform enables non-technical business leaders to develop vision AI more quickly, accurately, and with greater accessibility.

The Google Cloud Marketplace lets organizations receive, integrate, and deploy production-ready computing services from Google Cloud partners, open-source projects, and open-source projects. To simplify configuration and accelerate deployments, Google Cloud Marketplace offers solutions that have been thoroughly vetted and optimized to function.

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