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Pliant Introduces IPaaS Market Solution

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Automation and orchestration services provider Pliant has announced its new solution based on the API product line. The solution provides faster access to its pre-built integration for users.

The users of the IPaaS are connected to the company’s hub and will be able to access pre-built integrations. These functions are used for various technological stacks. The facilities like CRM and marketing automation systems will enhance customer satisfaction.

For businesses that currently have a large number of integrations in place, PaaS can handle the time-consuming and increasingly complex chore of managing those APIs. They also provide an efficient way to expand their technologies with an integrated platform.

“To deliver on customers’ expectations, we knew we needed to integrate with many sales and marketing software platforms,” said Milenko Beslic, CTO of RevenueBase, “Pliant’s iPaaS service helps us streamline our external platform integrations by providing out-of-the-box solutions that can be deployed in a matter of days compared to several months that would be required to develop the integrations ourselves.”

“We’ve seen two distinct markets clamoring for this type of service,” said Pliant CEO, Vess Bakalov. “First and foremost, there are lots of emerging SaaS companies that are currently handling their integration requirements by diverting resources away from where they should be focused – on improving their own products and services. It’s not a viable strategy. Then there are large companies with lots of existing integrations that are creating greater operational risks and driving up both direct costs and opportunity costs. As a result, companies large and small both want out of the integration business. Pliant iPaaS gives them a smart and graceful way to make their integration exit.”

The business provides an SLA of 15 days for meeting customer requirements, apart from services provided by them.

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