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Plus Media Solutions Announces the Launch of +Impact Hub

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Plus Media Solutions, a leading impact agency that offers a multi-sided software platform to integrate calls to action and content easily, recently launched a SaaS platform, +Impact Hub, to allow organizations to develop, evaluate, and maximize impact through audience engagement and analytics. The impact management system offers comprehensive services that will assist organizations of all sizes, whether for-profit or charity, in creating and putting data-driven marketing and sustainability plans into practice.

Plus Media Solutions is an all-female, public benefit corporation that offers impact solutions for content, platforms, events, and brands. Its +Impact Hub platform is aimed at linking inspired audiences with already available solutions to promote social and environmental change.

Julie Davitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plus Media, said, “The +Impact Hub goes beyond traditional donation and volunteering opportunities. Audiences experience amplification and extension of stories and are empowered to act. We select relevant, vetted impact solutions, design and implement the +Impact Hub and provide tailored reports on user metrics. No personal data is captured.”

It is targeted toward content creators, event planners, and brands looking for sustainability results. The +Impact Hub immediately connects motivated audiences with practical solutions, maximizing customer engagement. By monitoring action, offering transparency, and outlining corporate goals, +Impact Hub improves impact and sustainability stories.

The +Impact Hub will allow users to capture analytics, use data aggregation to drive ESG strategy, engage investors, and foster consumer trust for +Media clients like Ellevate, PBS, Sun Valley Forum, and FINTECH.TV.

During its Beta testing, the average click-through rate of +Impact Hub turned out to be 52.03%, which is significantly higher than the average click-through rate of the advertising industry (0.27-2.63%) and the advocacy industry (0.59–4.41%). Following the testing, Plus Media is now making the impact management system available to a wider clientele.

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