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Posh Technologies Partners with Glia to Provide TwinStar Credit Union Service

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A leading Conversational AI company, Posh Technologies announced that they partnered with a leading provider of digital customer service, Glia. The purpose behind this partnership is to deliver TwinStar Credit Union’s member service which can be used to deploy member chat experience with automated live-person support.

Posh Technologies specializes in providing help to financial institutions to automate their contact center FAQ and banking work process via phone bots and intelligent chatbots help financial institutions automate their contact center FAQs and banking workflows through intelligent chatbots and phone bots.

The co-founder and CEO at Posh, Karan Kashyap, stated, “We’re thrilled to partner with Glia to enhance our Conversational AI and enable our automated chatbots to hand-off to live agents. Together, we will provide the best possible banking experience to the members of TwinStar Credit Union.”
TwinStar Credit Union is known as an industry-leading financial institute that works in credit union collaboration and innovation initiatives. TwinStar serves more than 135,454 members and manages $1.8 billion in assets.

“We are thrilled to offer this great service to our members. We are providing faster and better service to our members in a multitude of ways,” Said, Scott Daukas, chief strategy officer at TwinStar.

TwinStar will be optimizing Posh’s chatbot, to automate members’ questions so that their contact center executives to focus on difficult and most needed inquiries. The credit union will be providing an impactful member service where they can communicate according to their choice through messaging, video banking, and voice. To be more effective in member service, TwinStar is planning to leverage Gila which can help members to complete their transactional process.

According to Dan Michaeli, co-founder, and CEO at Glia, “The financial institutions that provide customers and members with a strategic blend of human touch and AI will have high retention and acquisition rates. By partnering with Glia and Posh, TwinStar offers members a seamless support network where no duplication is required. It’s a faster, better member experience that alleviates the frustrations associated with typical support lines. Easy communication with financial support is a cornerstone to service and long-lasting relationships.”

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