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Position launches AI-driven PosiVault for Programmatic M&A

Position launches AI-driven PosiVault for Programmatic M&A
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Positon.ai recently made PosiVault\’s Alpha release public on a limited basis. PosiVault is an automated M&A workflow powered by AI that enables workstream leads between buyers and sellers to share information at scale in an effective, secure, and smart way. It also offers:

  1. Virtual data rooms currently provide all the essential features along with security and regulatory compliance.
  2. Digital due diligence questions have been continuously improved and tweaked by business experience.
  3. Through the negotiation phase, an online purchase agreement tracks markups and modifications.
  4. Automated adjustable governance structure, permissions, and secrecy policy.
  5. Instant Programmatic instantiation of the complete workflow a dashboard that displays data in real-time and includes risk analysis and data review.

Positon\’s primary purpose is to support innovators who can improve the world with their time, talent, or money. The company endeavors to highlight and collaborate with motivated businesspeople, global leaders, inventors, and investors who drive innovation through their platform and services. The high standards of security, data privacy, and compliance used in the architecture and design of the platform grant Position competence. Additionally, the company offers crucial support for federal security, handling highly sensitive information that needs extra care.

Corporate customers need a cutting-edge, effective platform that supports strategic planning and investment to free up resources and gain an edge in competitive marketplaces. PosiVault is a fundamental shift in corporate development, particularly programmatic M&A, and it enables businesses to innovate and accelerate the development of their organizations for the future.

“Companies that build M&A capability have less risky portfolios because they can be agile and adapt. And we consistently see that practice makes perfect. As mentioned earlier, the median number of deals in the programmatic M&A segment is 3.6, but as companies average more than five deals per year, or 50 or more over a decade, their performance grows significantly better while their risk declines,” said Robert Uhlaner of Mckinsey & Company

PosiVault\’s Alpha release comes as the business is in the process of accomplishing many significant milestones. Positon.ai was accepted into the highly competitive accelerator program at Newchip. It was chosen among more than 1,000 candidates, was welcomed into the NVIDIA Inception AI community, and obtained numerous partnerships and pledges from prestigious clients.

“Folks with experience with the M&A process end-to-end have first-hand knowledge of how resource-intensive, ad-hoc, and antiquated it can be. This current state of affairs often renders the deal flow execution non-programmatic, slow, inefficient, risky and very costly,” said R-abie Zahri, CEO at Positon.ai.

He added “Positon.ai is focused on automating the workflow powered by AI to provide M&A practitioners and customers the supporting tool to execute deals more efficiently and optimize their capability.”


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