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PowerVision Unveil True Unmanned Aerial Platform for Remote Operations

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Driven by AI technology, PowerVision Tech Inc. released a new industry drone platform, True Unmanned Aerial, that delivers on the promise of drones to fetch data from remote locations. PowerVision Dock is integrated into a drone and the web-based PowerVision Cloud platform.

PowerVision’s True Unmanned Aerial Solution solves many of the problems associated with legacy drones, such as range limitations, complex operations, and high costs. Now that drones can acquire data in a scalable manner, they are no longer only tools for individual missions, but also data acquisition infrastructure.

In addition to powerline inspections, environmental compliance, oil and gas asset inspections, facility security, GIS, mapping, and surveying, the solution can be applied to a wide range of applications.
A large area can be covered by multiple units installed together, enabling a large infrastructure project or asset to be protected. It is vital for drones to be deployed economically for data acquisition over large areas and for the maintenance of infrastructure assets such as pipelines and power lines.

Besides centimeter-level positioning, solar power supply, and transmission extension antennas, PowerVision’s “True Unmanned Aerial” Solution addresses the particular needs of the power industry, making deployments more accurate, independent, and reliable. In addition to automated takeoff, flight, dynamic missions, and descent, the PowerVision True Unmanned Aerial System utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce cost and streamline tasks.

A major advancement has been achieved for the drone industry with the release of PowerVision’s True Unmanned Aerial Solution. By integrating the technology, countless industrial drones will move from controlled local operations to remote, truly unmanned operations, just as the iPhone transformed phones from hand-held devices into smartphones.

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