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Prefect Introduces Premier Technology Partner Program

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A Premier Technology Partner Program has been launched by Prefect Technologies Inc, the new standard in dataflow automation. Prefect to assure that the integrations are vetted and routinely updated as part of the program, making it easier for data engineers to develop, run, and monitor dataflows across multiple platforms. Cross-product assistance, cooperative thought leadership initiatives, and other go-to-market activities will be provided by Prefect and its Premier Partners. dbt Labs, Fivetran, Monte Carlo, Firebolt, and PagerDuty are among the Launch members, which include some of the most innovative firms in the modern data stack.

Jeremiah Lowin, founder, and CEO, Prefect, said, “We depend on our community of more than 11,000 passionate users to keep us informed about the most important new products in their data stacks. The investment we’re making in this initiative ensures we can build feature-rich integrations that help data engineers build better pipelines in less time.”

Before, Prefect’s open-source community provided and maintained all of its integrations. Prefect and the Premier Partner program’s integrations will now be labeled “Verified by Prefect,” indicating that the code has been verified and validated for compatibility.

Logan Welly, VP, Strategic Alliances at Fivetran, said, “We’re finding that while our users love the ease of building and maintaining pipelines in Fivetran, many also have a need for more customized pipelines where ‘workflows-as-code’ are a better fit. Prefect offers an easy-to-use, yet powerful platform. We’ve gotten rave reviews from customers such as Winc and Clearcover using Fivetran and Prefect together and look forward to collaborating on technology, customer engagements, and thought leadership together.”

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