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Prevedere Introduces Predictive AI Monitoring For Better Business Performance

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Prevedere released ERIN Protect, a new product to its predictive AI platform and suite of products. Prevedere’s ERIN is its global data repository and software platform that provides predictive models and insight using econometrics for the creation, testing, and publication of econometric-based forecasting.

Rich Wagner, CEO of Prevedere stated, “In these uncertain times, businesses can now create forecasts and plans that incorporate projected market volatility. By monitoring predictive models that are based on their external market drivers, organizations can proactively maintain plans and strategies to optimize future performance and deliver competitive advantage.”

Prevedere’s technology helps organizations develop business and target market forecasts, identify economic drivers, and build predictive models. Prevedere’s customers are better positioned to compete in a volatile, ever-changing world by including external signals and insights into their strategic plans and forecasts.

ERIN Protect extends Prevedere’s ability to predict how changing external events will affect a company’s plans and forecasts proactively by using the cloud-based ERIN platform. Erin can now support the entire predictive AI lifecycle.

ERIN Discover identifies a specific market’s drivers and indicators. Through ERIN Predict, thousands of prediction models are systematically created, simulated, and refined based on those indicators. In addition to the baseline forecast of the ERIN Protect, ERIN Scenario can create ‘optimistic’ and ‘pessimistic’ predictive scenarios.

ERIN Protect is a monitoring and alerting system based on artificial intelligence (AI), which analyzes and predicts data in real-time, identifying potential problems in the future.

  • Using the latest advanced analytics to predict and monitor the health of your AI model
  • Creates an EKG for predictive model health by taking advantage of control chart algorithms and statistical process monitoring
  • Notifies business owners when future predictions begin to drift out of limits, allowing them to refine business strategies and plans in real-time

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