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Prevision.io Announces Third-Party Model Support, And Expert Services For A Free Benchmark Test

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Prevision.io has created a resource and expertise offering for data science companies attempting to get models into production. The goal is for consumers to be able to test the built-in deployment and monitoring services for free, with the assistance of a fully trained data scientist and support engineer.

A significant probability of AI project failure is due to a lack of skills, understaffed IT teams, and the widespread ineffectiveness of existing tools and platforms. Deploying a model can take months or years, but Prevision.io demonstrated in the webinar that the process can be completed in minutes to hours.

Prevision.io’s platform democratizes AI, enabling teams to deliver projects more quickly with an accessible interface that allows users to design, deploy, monitor, and retrain models in a matter of clicks. As a result, more companies than ever before are able to bring their models to fruition and keep them in production, allowing them to scale the impact of their efforts at a far lower total cost. From predictive maintenance to fraud detection and warehouse efficiency, its platform provides an almost limitless range of capabilities that data teams can subsequently tailor to their own requirements.

‘We wanted to give data scientists, developers, machine learning engineers, and others the opportunity to use our technology to finish a project that they are struggling with, “said Tuncay Isik, the founder, and CEO of Prevision.io. We want to make their lives easier and show them a glimpse of what that looks like. By dedicating a few hours of consulting time to each model, we’ll evaluate their workflow to allow the prospective user to launch and monitor the model with as few clicks as possible.

Prevision.io is a new platform for data scientists and developers looking for an easy way to deploy complex workflows. With their ability to sign pricey tool contracts and manage vast IT footprints, previous platforms have virtually entirely targeted Fortune 500 firms and data teams. For the vast majority of customers who require a simple answer, these options are ineffective.

The status quo in our profession is not sustainable as businesses are demanding results from their massive AI and machine learning investments, “said Florian Laroumagne, the cofounder and data scientist for Prevision.io. “We intend to enable users to simplify their AI processes so that more projects reach production on time and under budget. We’re willing to put our time and resources on the line to make this happen today.


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