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Prevision.io Launches AI Management Platform For Companies

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Prevision.io has created an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) Management Platform on Google Cloud, allowing businesses with constricted facilities and capital to now encourage comprehensive AI projects.

Tuncay Isik, the founder, and CEO of Prevision.io said, “We started Prevision.io with the goal of improving the lives of people who work with data day in and day out. Our industry-first AI management platform removes production inhibitors while still scaling the value, domain expertise, and impact users can have at their organizations. By putting our platform in the hands of users via the relationship with Google, it will shine a whole new light on the way predictive analytics can—and should—be done.”

This platform offers an unprecedented AI by completely removing intricate licensing fees that could cost businesses millions, if not millions, of dollars each year. This enables teams to complete projects more quickly by providing an interactive interface that enables users to make, implement, supervise, and help train models with just a few clicks. Prevision.io is tearing down the obstacles that impede organizations from creating a stronger, high-impact AI practice by handling the difficulties and challenges throughout the AI lifecycle and offering innovative pay-as-you-go pricing.

As an outcome, too many businesses now than ever are willing to bring models to production and keep them in production, allowing them to scale the influence of their attempts at quite a reduced total cost. Prevision.io provides a nearly limitless set of features that data teams can then customize to fit their needs, ranging from condition monitoring to fraud detection and warehouse optimization.

Platforms designed for data scientists and developers in the past have almost solely targeted Fortune 500 companies and data teams due to their ability to sign pricey tool agreements and preserve massive IT footprints. Although it can take a while, to release a model in the real world, Prevision.io provides a simple solution that simplifies the process for its users in a matter of days by automating many time-consuming tasks.

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