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Privacy Policy

AIxOutlook (AIxOutlook.com) and Sceptertech.Digital respect the privacy of their audience and attempt to ensure the protection of their users in all manners.
To ensure an enhanced reading and navigation experience, they may use ‘cookies’, or collect information such as a randomly assigned User ID. These cookies/user IDs do not contain any personal information.
In case of an advertiser allocating cookies on advertisements, AIxOutlook is not responsible for the usage of said cookies. AIxOutlook contributors may also include links to other websites in their work. The privacy terms of these linked websites/social media accounts may differ from those of AIxOutlook. Hence, the reader is advised discretion while visiting links.
Any information collected by AIxOutlook for the purpose of customizing user experience will be stored securely and only be shared with advertisers to tailor their campaigns and measure traffic based on geography and similar parameters. However, we also bring to your attention that no storage system is free of risk, and our privacy policy may be updated from time to time.