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Private Market Data Of Cyndx Is Now Available In Eight Languages

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Cyndx is adding additional translation capabilities to its database of over 15 million organizations. Cyndx now has the ability to translate confidential corporate data into English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Clients can conduct a detailed search in the global lower middle market for acquisition prospects and other investment possibilities.

Cyndx has added translation capabilities to its investment search and discovery platform. The company says this will enable investors to tap into countries they did not have access to before. This also highlights the strength of Cyndx’s core technological strength in AI, according to CEO James McVeigh.

James McVeigh, Founder and CEO of Cyndx, commented, “Our addition of translation capabilities is a significant step in our mission to create the most dynamic corporate search and discovery platform. By translating native language-only websites, investors can be far more accurate, efficient and agile in their investment search ad tap into countries they did not have access to before. This new capability will enable our customers to better identify the right growth opportunity irrespective of where they are located in the world. This also highlights our core technological strength in AI and how we are leading the market with new innovations.

Users of Cyndx get access to more data about multinational firms. Every day, the translated information is updated. The Cyndx Projected to Seek Model finds private enterprises with plans to raise money in the next six months. It also incorporates data from over 500,000 other businesses.


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