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Probe CX Announces Partnership with 6Clicks

Probe CX Announces Partnership with 6Clicks
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Probe CX, a leading provider of customer experience and digital transformation solutions, collaborated with 6Clicks, a leading GRC and cyber governance platform.

Probe CX is a top digital transformation company that specializes in strategy, outsourcing, technology, and automation. Following this partnership, it will use 6clicks to globally automate and streamline its risk and compliance operations.

David Buerckner, Head of IT Security & Risk, Probe CX, said, “At Probe CX, we are constantly assessing our approach to governance, risk and compliance to meet our evolving needs due to significant growth, market changes and the needs of our clients. We rely on technology and a cloud first approach to ensure we stay nimble and at the forefront of technology, while still focussing on our core business, which is to ‘do it better’ every day for our customers. In that respect, our alignment with 6clicks was clear and compelling. The platform is agile, user friendly and comprehensive in terms of us meeting our governance, risk and compliance needs in an effective and efficient manner.”

According to Probe CX, choosing the platform was primarily motivated by 6clicks’ three core value pillars, which include its vast content collection, Hailey AI technology, and Hub and Spoke architecture. The content library of 6clicks Hailey AI technology offers approximately 50,000 pieces of standards, rules, regulations, templates, control sets, libraries, playbooks, methodologies, etc. that compliance professionals can use to comply with various overlapping standards. Additionally, the 6clicks Hub and Spoke paradigm guarantees centralized GRC management for operational cadence across several jurisdictions and/or corporate units.

Anthony Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at 6Clicks, said, “We are extremely pleased that we are able to partner with Probe CX as the platform solution to manage their risk management and compliance program globally. Probe CX has a rich history with expansive industry coverage, and has a strong focus on technology, and we are looking forward to supporting the automation and implementation of their GRC program on the 6clicks platform’

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