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Process Mining as a Catalyst to Automation

process mining and automation
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Automation technologies always provide an advantage to businesses as they help in enhancing business productivity. Automation is a necessary component for businesses to remain in a competitive world. Enabling automation is always a major challenge for organizations and it requires in-depth knowledge about business processing. Process mining helps businesses by providing necessary information for the automation purpose by analyzing the organizational data.

Process mining has turned out to be a precursor for automation in the business world as the adoption of automation has considerably increased. While compared with conventional methods such as process mapping, process mining is accurate, efficient, and broad. Organizations will be able to understand the exact business process and instantly identify the bottlenecks in their operations through resource optimization and enhance organizational efficiency.

What is Process Mining?

Process mining helps in identifying, monitoring, and enhancing the business processes through analyzing an organization’s event blog and extracting relevant information. Addressing both compliance-related and performance-related questions, process mining assists in auditing, analyzing, and improving existing business processes. The tools and methodologies provided by process mining enable the organization to identify the bottlenecks by analyzing the data. Organizations will be able to identify their exact potential through in-depth analytics that uncovers the impact of automation in their productive activities.

Process mining helps in taking business decisions quicker through data-backed insights and suggested enhancements. The unidentified bottlenecks in the business operations are identified and business efficiency is enhanced by solving the root cause. Algorithms are applied to proprietary log data sets from IT systems in the process mining operation. The level to which log data can be studied and used is determined by its granularity (fine to coarse).

Even when a single process relies on interactions with various systems and databases, process mining can be useful. It can use logs and audit trails to create process models that depict end-to-end processes using real-world data. The models can then be analyzed to see if the processes are running smoothly and to find the fundamental causes of any deviations or bottlenecks that are preventing them from doing so.

How Process Mining Accelerates Automation?

Implementing an automation technology without in-depth knowledge may lead to operational failures and it impacts them financially also. Before the advent of process mining, organizations relied on traditional technologies like process mapping which was costly and a difficult process. Process mining has changed the scenario and accelerated the pace in the adoption of automation by organizations through simple methods.

Process mining helps to prevent these kinds of failures by providing the best use-cases for organizations by analyzing the organizational data and insights, acting as a precursor to the automation process. Organizations will also be able to standardize the activities by implementing automation. Process mining will help organizations to discover the quickest and most simple automation by identifying their activities. Different employees choose different methods for completing a task according to their comfort and this may create difficulties in the data analysis process. So, by identifying a common and simple way, organizations can standardize their activities and move towards automation. Organizations can use process mining to track how well their processes are doing. They can see if their automation initiatives are successful and where they can improve.

Process mining will play a key role in assisting firms in swiftly gaining significant insights into their business processes as they ramp up their automation efforts. Organizations can standardize and automate their operations, assess their performance, and continue to improve as they progress toward digital transformation using these insights.


Automation has become an inevitable part of businesses today and more and more organizations have started adopting automation technology. Technological advancement has enabled organizations to adopt suitable automation methods for their organizations. Process mining has completely changed the automation and quickened the pace in enabling automation. Companies that develop methods to integrate and reward employees as part of the implementation of process mining can realize the best outcomes. Process mining has the potential to scale not only efficiency but also learning and flexibility throughout an organization.

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