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Productsup Launches New Platform to Address Commerce Anarchy Crisis

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Productsup, a leading commerce data integration company, has introduced a new platform to address commerce anarchy – a phrase Productsup coined to define the challenges facing companies managing increasingly complex links between products, services, and consumers.

Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer of Productsup, said, “The relationship between online platforms and businesses has switched from co-existence to competition. The situation worsens by the day as many factors converge. Research tells us that 94% of vendors state they now compete with the very hyperscale platforms they need to use to digitally reach their buyers and just one in seven trusts the data they receive back from these platforms.

Manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers are juggling multiple omnichannel processes linking product-to-business (B2B), customer-to-business (C2B), and consumer-to-consumer (D2C). In a survey of Chief Digital Officers and board members, the impact of chaos caused by digital channel and influencer sprawl was reported as the most pressing issue. The solution to this problem is a key management challenge.

Hollerbach further added, “Productsup is aimed at creating high-performing and scalable campaigns across markets, redefining product, brand, and service experiences, delivering control over commerce anarchy. It also comes with a sophisticated set of modules and features that are built to help brands, retailers, and service providers reach more customers and maximize sales.”

The Productsup Platform provides manufacturers, brands, retailers, and service providers with a single solution for effectively managing product information value chains and their feedback loops, allowing them to turn complexity and change to their advantage. With Productsup, Chief Digital Officers and their teams can develop solutions without coding, but with full compliance and data transparency across the entire value chain.

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