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PromoMii Releases AI-powered Video Search and Creation Tool

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PromoMii, a simple online video search, and logging solution, recently announced that they have launched their video search and creation software – powered by Artificial IntelligenceNova A.I., to speed up video editing by 70%. Many broadcasters and media houses such as Disney are currently using this tool. Nova A.I. enables users to search their video content and extensive archives in detail for things, for example, objects, shot types, words, activities, emotions, and people.

PromoMii’s CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Moss, stated, “There is a growing demand for more content without raising budgets accordingly. Content creators simply do not have the time or means to create enough content. Archives do not know what their archives contain. With Nova A.I., we have aimed to remove the most time-consuming part of the process of working with video, to allow users to produce more content of higher quality and manage their archives efficiently.”

An important features of the newly launched Nova A.I. –

  • Nova A.I. permits creators to search and find anything in their video content in just seconds for example a google search for any video content.
  • With this tool and its understanding language features, users can make templates for searches and clip-making on the platform, copy out audio to text and get instant subtitles.
  • This platform is very user-friendly, content creators can use it for various purposes. This platform can be useful and helpful for those people who do not have any creative experience. Nova A.I. can be applied in small- or large-scale businesses as well as in broadcast or freelancing.

Nova A.I. is turning out to be a huge success because of its capability of providing content in just a few seconds which results in a fast workflow and saving costs. The software gives users access to quickly find key clips within their footage. Nova A.I. tries to analyze and labels users’ video content automatically.

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