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Provectus: Open-Source Data Discovery and Observability Platform Receives New Features for Business Users and Data Teams in v0.6 Update  

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Provectus, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, is excited to release the v0.6 update of the First Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform. In addition to new features for Data and ML Engineers, the update includes a number of critical improvements for business users in BI and data analytics departments that are designed to increase the trustworthiness and reliability of data.

The ODD Platform is an open-source data discovery and observability service for data-driven enterprises looking to democratize data. It is designed to meet the needs of various users (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, BI Engineers, Analysts, Managers), to help make data more discoverable, manageable, observable, reliable, and secure. It addresses the inefficiencies of conventional data catalogs through standardized data collection, improved data catalog compatibility, end-to-end data lineage, and advanced data quality and data observability practices. The platform is designed to accelerate time to value (TTV) and reduce the costs of building and maintaining data products for enterprises of all sizes.

The ODD Platform v0.6 was enhanced to include such improvements as:

  • SLA indicator: a new feature for business users that indicates the quality of datasets, helping them decide if they should use a specific dataset for analytics. The feature increases the trustworthiness of data, and accelerates and facilitates decision making.
  • Activity feed: makes it easier to track all events associated with available data entities. Users can easily track and trace how the entities have been changed, and by whom.
  • Data entity usage report: enables users to collect and handle statistics on completeness of their data entities. They can track what data entities are populated with tags, descriptions, and more.
  • Session storage type selection: gives users the ability to select one of three storage types for session providers: In Memory, PostgreSQL, or Redis. The feature allows for a more flexible, scalable, and reliable development process.
  • Alert notifications: a feature that allows sending alerts to Slack or Webhook as they are created or being resolved. The PostgreSQL replication mechanism is used to ensure the delivery of notifications.

The existing features for data classification and data structure visibility have been enhanced, and new abilities were added to the mix. Now, users of the platform can ingest tags and labels coming from Ingestion API, and more easily track such relational constraints as Primary key and Sort key labels.

The v0.6 release also includes UI enhancements and bug fixes that further advance the performance, usability, and reliability of the ODD Platform.

Keeping track of all aspects of data can be challenging, and I have high hopes that Data Discovery Platform can change that,says German Osin, Chief Product Owner of ODD Platform. The platform can elevate all types of data work to a new level, enabling data teams to accelerate data discovery, minimize data downtimes, and focus on building data products that drive value for businesses.”

The ODD Platform is a work in progress. Provectus and the ODD team are inviting the data community to contribute to the project.


Looking to find out more about the platform? Kindly visit the project’s page on GitHub to start contributing, or visit our website to learn more. To explore our vision for data catalogs and data discovery services, check out our Open Data Discovery blog on Medium.

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Provectus is an artificial intelligence consultancy and solutions provider, helping companies in healthcare and life sciences, retail and CPG, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and internet businesses achieve their objectives through AI. Provectus is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, visit provectus.com.

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