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Pure IP Introduces Dynamics Call Connect Service

Pure IP Dynamics Call Connect
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Pure IP, a telecommunications service provider, recently released the Dynamics Call Connect Service that allows inbound and outbound calling to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform merges a 360 degree customer view with omnichannel interaction capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI). With the launch of Pure IP’s Dynamics Call Connect Service, customers can now obtain external connectivity and numbers for inbound and outbound calling within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform through Microsoft Azure Direct Routing in a “bring your own carrier” model. The Dynamics Call Connect can support both inbound and outbound calling in more than 43 countries from the cloud and inbound calling in 137 countries. Their dedicated Session Border Controllers (SBC) service model also allows users to connect existing PBXs, contact centers, and other operator numbers to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To enhance customer experience, Pure IP has ensured that technical-led global support is provided to their SBCs and Cloud Azure Direct Routing 24/7. Furthermore, they have also built a team of experts to help customers resolve any Microsoft Teams related question.

Gary Forrest, Managing Director at Pure IP, stated, “We are continually looking at new and innovative ways to empower voice communications across the growing number of interaction mediums, systems and applications. Voice still plays a prominent part in business and customer service activities, but the way in which it is being consumed is changing.”

“Telephony is increasingly being embedded into business processes, providing an intuitive and truly unified ‘in-application’ experience for users. As a global voice provider, we aim to provide the building blocks in the form of connectors and API integrations with the different platforms and applications to deliver a single connected voice service for enterprises”, added Forrest.

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