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Pyze and Zudy to Provide Customers with AI-powered Product Analytics

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Pyze, a renowned company in cutting-edge technology, announced its strategic partnership with Zudy, a provider of the leading Low-code / No-code Enterprise Application Development Platform, Vinyl. This partnership will provide AI-driven product analytics to the customers of Zudy.

Zudy’s Vinyl application development platform enables companies to build applications in weeks rather than months. It integrates seamlessly with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft databases. Organizations can accelerate their digital transformation efforts by letting go of traditional IT dependencies and implementing more agile development processes.

According to Scott Ritchie, V.P. Business Development at Pyze, “Organizations are embracing the simplicity of Zudy’s Low-code / No-code Platform for their application modernization and citizen development. As the leader in enterprise digital transformation analytics, Pyze complements Zudy with visibility into the usage and business impact of applications to continuously improve application productivity, workflow orchestration, and ROI with each release.”

With the technology partnership, Pyze will OEM Zudy’s low-code process mining and usage analysis to optimize Zudy’s applications for productivity, efficiency, and business impact on the Vinyl Platform. Through the integration, Zudy customers will be able to automate and scale analytics as they build 10 to 50 applications per year.

Pyze Process and Usage Intelligence, coupled with Vinyl, enables Zudy customers to:

  • Analyze app usage metrics across business lines, functional areas, workflows, and processes
  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and hot spots, as well as inefficiencies and automation requirements
  • Identify workflow execution times, user experience/UI problems, new features adoption, and user training requirements

Martyn Mason, CEO, Growth Markets at Zudy, commented, “Vinyl, the simplest way to build enterprise applications, combined with Pyze, will offer an opportunity for Zudy customers to enhance application analytics with advanced AI features. The seamless integration of Pyze into the Vinyl Platform will further automate critical usage insights to improve business outcomes. We’re excited to partner with Pyze, bringing far-reaching advancements for Zudy customers.”

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