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Qii.AI Launches a Road Defect Detection Module (RDD)

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AI-enabled, computer vision and data management software provider Qii.AI has introduced the Road Defect Detection (RDD) Module, enabling automatic detection and classification of potholes, cracks, and other road defects, within its platform.

The AI company Qii.AI develops deep technology and pushes the limits of machine learning and computer vision. Qii.AI is a visual inspection analytics platform. Through analysis, optimization, and sharing of visual asset data, Qii.AI enables users to create custom artificial intelligence learning solutions, enabling more proactive remote digital inspections.

Qii.AI CTO, Dr. Gunho Sohn said, “Engineers face formidable challenges effectively inspecting, tracking, and managing road surface conditions. Qii.AI’s RDD Module allows users to train their own AI-enabled visual inspection functions, end-to-end. Qii.AI’s RDD innovations create the option to automatically detect, categorize, and grade problems in the road surface – that is to create intelligence to help manage road maintenance and repair planning, in the most efficient, user-defined manner. With RDD’s multi-modal AI functions, users can easily generate consistent and accurate training data and define and control quality tolerances. This unique feature allows our users to continuously improve their unique AI’s performance, throughout the lifecycle of their RDD project.”

A visual data management and analysis platform called Qii.AI has been positioned as one of the most advanced solutions available for producers and consumers of visual inspection data since its launch in 2020. With the Qii.AI platform, users can label, train, and manage data quickly in order to perform AI operations at scale.

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