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Quantum Star Technologies Releases AI-driven Malware Detection Software

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An AI-based cybersecurity firm – Quantum Star Technologies – announced its proprietary malware detection technology, Starpoint. With this patented technology, any threat can be detected, both pre-and post-execution, through deep learning at the binary level, exponentially reducing the detection time. In the past year, ransomware payments have increased by 82%, and Starpoint joins the cybersecurity world at just the right time.

The CEO Jeff Larson, said, “One of the strengths of Starpoint is deploying it in such a way so that it augments existing cyber security postures. It brings an added, unmatched layer of security that is computationally inexpensive to integrate into already existing platforms. This, paired with Starpoint’s speed to detection, can lower internal costs of large enterprises, saving them potentially millions of dollars a year that could be reallocated to different areas.”

With ransomware becoming a global menace, a strong cybersecurity posture has never been more important to a company’s security. For detecting threats, current cybersecurity systems use static classical methods. Through deep learning, Quantum Star Technologies has created a breakthrough and unique solution to protecting the world’s data.

The data points come together to generate information that Starpoint categorizes as dangerous or benign for the user. With Starpoint, what used to take weeks or months may now be accomplished in minutes or seconds.

With no prefiltering in place, Starpoint can achieve higher than 99 percent accuracy while using very few resources. With scan speeds ranging from 10 to 30 milliseconds, the patented Core Engine consumes less memory and computational power. The engine was built to run on any OS and at any tier of the network, allowing for seamless integration with a customer’s existing tech stack while also providing protection that is not dependent on internet connectivity.

Starpoint can successfully integrate with a company’s existing cybersecurity posture thanks to faster and better technologies, allowing it to battle global threats at a fraction of the expense.

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