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QuesGen Systems Announces the Release of QuesGen Cloud

QuesGen Systems Announces the Release of QuesGen Cloud
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QuesGen Systems, a leading web-based clinical research data management company, launched ‘QuesGen Cloud’, a cloud-based version of its platform to offer principal investigators and global research teams a faster, and more scalable experience. The QuesGen Cloud\’s initial rollout began in Q4 of 2022. For 2023, specialized versions, such QuesGen Government Cloud, are already scheduled.

QuesGen Cloud, the newest advancement in data management technology, transforms the dedicated co-location facility concept into a safer and more carefully regulated AWS cloud system.

\”Our development and technical operations team has been working hard to make sure AWS will be scalable, reliable, and more flexible than our co-location facility. The QuesGen Cloud platform will give us the opportunity to do so much more for academic and commercial researchers in a variety of disciplines”, said Michael Jarrett, CEO of QuesGen Systems.

Lack of options for storing patient and client data is one of the main obstacles to using data management software. On-site servers have been a useful option for decades but can restrict the speed and flexibility required for today\’s data analysis, and frequently place restrictions on researchers. This problem is resolved by QuesGen Cloud, which makes it possible to set up certain remote instances at any time, anywhere. Organizations conducting impactful clinical research studies will be able to optimize their data processes and become more efficient in their patient data operations because of QuesGen Cloud\’s speed, flexibility, security, and scalability.

“We’ve had a great experience with the dedicated server approach, but QuesGen Cloud further accelerates the data management process through its speed and flexibility. The capabilities for spinning up additional capacity in minutes, plus the opportunity to integrate with other cloud-based solutions, will enhance our offering considerably”, added Michael Jarrett.

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