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Qventus’ New Perioperative Solution Helps to Increase Productivity and Case Volumes

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A new Perioperative Solution from Qventus, a leader in real-time automation for care operations, enables perioperative leaders to increase surgical case volume and unlock additional operating room capacity. As a result of the new solution, Qventus’ artificial intelligence-powered in-patient, emergency room, and command center solutions now expand to include Access, Growth, and Insight’s modules.

Mudit Garg, co-founder, and CEO of Qventus said, “The manual processes that health systems currently use to manage ORs are broken: upwards of 30% of OR time is not utilized, which restricts access for surgeons, delays care for patients, and results in significant operational waste for the system, The Qventus Perioperative Solution enables health systems to harness innovations in AI and principles of behavioral science to create liquidity in the market for OR time in ways never before possible. As we emerge from the pandemic, we’re pleased to be able to help patients obtain better access to ORs, while simultaneously helping health systems improve utilization, efficiency, and growth.”

The new capabilities help health systems address multiple competing demands, including accommodating surgeons who request additional OR time, managing blocks that are underutilized, filling last-minute block releases, and increasing profitability for the enterprise, as they shore up margins eroded by the pandemic.

Tammy Jones, Chief Perioperative Officer at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Health (UAMS), said, “We maximized what we could do with our EHR but continued to rely on manual processes for managing OR access and day-to-day operations, so we needed a new approach to improve operational efficiency. The Qventus Perioperative Solution takes our operations to a whole new level. With improved scheduling lead time and streamlined case scheduling, we’ve rapidly added hundreds of new cases, which increases our capacity to care for more patients. The solution has also been a huge satisfier with our OR teams, surgeons, and schedulers.”

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