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Qynapse Introduces a Strategic Identity to Accelerate its Growth

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A medical technology company, Qynapse, markets artificial intelligence (AI)-powered neuroimaging software to examine the central nervous system (CNS). It has just unveiled a new logo and a completely updated website to reflect the company’s positioning and commitment to excellence.

Olivier Courrèges, CEO of Qynapse, said, “Prior to the creation of Qynapse in 2015, we already envisioned a future for neuroimaging where AI would be widely accepted and adopted as an essential solution to daily clinical care and clinical trials. Today, crucial steps have been taken towards the fulfillment of this vision. We are pleased to launch our new brand identity that will better reflect the company we have become, committed to delivering breakthrough technology for a better and more accurate future in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with disorders. Cerebral.”

In its brand transformation strategy, Qynapse takes advantage of neuroimaging data to improve the accuracy and results of tests as well as the quality of life of patients with neurocerebral diseases.
During the past year, Qynapse has achieved key milestones in its development. It has now rebranded itself extensively as a result. Qynapse is strengthening its leadership position in the neuroscience market by expanding into new global markets such as Asia-Pacific while maintaining a strong focus on Europe and North America.

Matt Ullum, added, “Within this sector, our thinking has evolved. AI is now a critical partner driving significant change in the healthcare ecosystem. For healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly, patients, we seek to bring innovative peace of mind by delivering results you can trust, and our new brand identity highlights this. commitment. It also underscores our long-term vision, which relies on combining imaging data with other biomarkers and modalities to improve clinical trial outcomes and facilitate decision-making across the continuum of care for patients. neurocerebral diseases.”

Both in routine medical procedures and in clinical trials, the company continues to advance the detection and monitoring of neurocerebral diseases. Qynapse has developed a proprietary database of algorithms, based on hundreds of measurements of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation, to enable quicker, more precise, and more objective interpretations of brain scans, with the aid of its world-renowned team of scientists and doctors.

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