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RAIsonance, Inc Team up with Microsoft for Start-ups Program

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RAIsonance, In., the Denver tech center-based technology company solving today’s most critical health and safety challenges with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), has been selected to join Microsoft for Start-ups. It provides start-ups with the resources and tools necessary to build their businesses rapidly.
Moreover, RAIsonance will be able to take advantage of exclusive Microsoft technologies, such as Azure, and will be able to create a streamlined path to selling alongside Microsoft and its global partners.

Kitty Kolding, CEO of RAIsonance, Inc., said, “We are thrilled to become a part of the Microsoft for Start-ups program. This program will provide us with exposure to thousands of businesses that will utilize our technology solutions to work toward a new normal. Our entire platform has been Azure-based on the start, so we are incredibly excited to collaborate and learn from the experts at Microsoft to help build our business faster and better.”

SoundsPass, the company’s latest product, combines artificial intelligence (AI) with signal processing to transform normal sound signatures into biometric signatures. In order to teach the app how to recognize their unique baseline signature, users produce a “forced cough” repeatedly into the app. As soon as this baseline is established, SoundPass users can “teach” the phone app to identify any changes that may have occurred multiple times by conducting a self-check anytime.

The SoundPass user can check the change in his own baseline at any time after establishing the baseline. When nothing has changed, Sound-Pass generates a “verification” message in under two minutes. Furthermore, SoundPass Plus users receive a QR code that may be scanned by SoundPass Access software at places of business, worship, entertainment events, and educational campuses that wish to enhance the safety protocols on their campuses.

If a user is not able to successfully complete authentication with SoundPass, this indicates a potential risk. Authentication failures are most often caused by changes in the user’s cough signature. The presence of illnesses or environmental exposures can cause such a change to a forced cough sound, among other things.

Sally Frank, WW Lead, Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft for Start-ups, stated, “Now is the time to provide peace of mind about returning to in-person activities, and Microsoft is looking forward to working with RAIsonance to make that happen in a bigger way.”

By partnering with Microsoft for startups, SoundPass will be able to roll out its SoundPass Access technology to businesses, educational institutions, entertainment venues, houses of worship, and any other facility looking to improve in-person interactions. Customers, employees, visitors, and congregants feel more comfortable and confident when engaging in in-person interactions and activities by using this rigorous, scientific approach.

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