Zebra Technologies Corporation and Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL), a leading eCommerce order fulfillment company, announced their collaboration to increase RSL’s efficiency and productivity by utilizing Zebra’s Fetch robots.

Michael Manzione, the CEO, of Rakuten Super Logistics, said, “When we reached a critical point in our operations, we needed to seek further productivity gains and help address labor shortages. After an extensive review process, we knew that Zebra Technologies was the optimal solution. We look forward to being an early adopter of the Fetch fulfillment solution which is a proven leader in the industry. Zebra’s complete support from survey to deployment – along with daily engagement – gave us the confidence the company will ensure the solution’s success.”

RSL will employ the FlexShelf series of AMRs to increase picking efficiency by reducing superfluous stages in the process and increasing front-line worker productivity. RSL’s warehouse management system will be connected with FlexShelf AMRs to streamline operations and maximize investment.

James Lawton, Vice President and General Manager of Robotics Automation, Zebra Technologies, said, “FlexShelf can reduce the number of time pickers spend walking by up to 60%. Our comprehensive fulfillment solution brings together the best of Zebra and Fetch to help companies like RSL modernize their warehouse operations for improved accuracy, productivity, and worker safety.”

Fetch AMRs can boost fulfillment productivity by up to three times and increase total throughput in a facility by up to 50 percent when compared to other fulfillment AMRs. Bin sizing and spacing can be customized with FlexShelf. Put-to-light and pick-side illumination also help reduce worker training time and improve picking accuracy, which is especially important during peak seasonal seasons when order volumes and seasonal employees are at their maximum.