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RapidDeploy Combines Radius Mapping and Eclipse Analytics to Enhance 911 Efficiency

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Industry-leading cloud-native platform, RapidDeploy, announced the execution of tactical mapping solution, Radius Mapping and flexible reporting and analytics solution, Eclipse Analytics to reduce the response time and enhance the operational efficiency of 9-1-1 throughout state of Minnesota.

“We are honored to bring Minnesota onto our platform as our eighth statewide deployment. With RapidDeploy Radius Mapping and Eclipse Analytics, PSAPs in Minnesota will see dramatic and immediate changes in their ability to get help to those who need it most more quickly and efficiently, “commented RapidDeploy Co-Founder and CEO Steve Raucher.

First of its kind initiative for 9-1-1 call centers, will provide Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) with same map and geo-information system (GIS) including network, device details, and additional locational data. Location accuracy and situational awareness can be identified quickly using important caller data. It also enables PSAPs to detect whether the calls have been misrouted and connect the call to the exact PSAP rapidly.

The PSAP provides a two-way chat facility for those calls that have been disconnected in between conversations. The availability of more than 70 languages enables clients to use language as per their comfort, and it will help in reducing domestic violence in the state through quick responses. The operational efficiency of the 9-1-1 systems can be improved by providing instant reports using Eclipse Analytics.

A quick response can be provided by precisely locating the user’s location using Radius Mapping, which helps more than 1200 9-1-1 users. The solution will detect the location of the Minnesota citizens and take immediate action in regard to the call.

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